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Head Office

Head Office is our engine room!

At Savers Head office, we promote a collaborative environment where everyone shares a common goal to deliver for our customers and our teams. Working together is what we do best. We believe that together we are stronger and it's our shared commitment that sets us apart from the rest to drive our success.

We're always on the look our for like-minded people with diverse perspectives to collaborate and create magic together. Our Head office is located in the heart of Dunstable, Bedfordshire, offering ample onsite parking and excellent public transport links to get you here!

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Head Office benefits

Savers Star

Recognition is high on our agenda. Whether it's recognising achievements or going the extra mile, our Savers star scheme allows peer-to-peer recognition, offering a chance to be one of our monthly stars to receive a gift and a certificate. Savers star goes beyond a simple thank you!

Loyalty Club

We like to make a big deal of your work anniversaries. Recognising and celebrating the milestones of our team members, with career celebrations starting at one year and throughout your career with us.

Team Member Discount

You will receive a discount card for our sister company Superdrug, where you'll get 30% off Own Brand & exclusive products as well as 10% off branded goods. But it doesn't stop there, you earn loyalty points for money off future purchases.

Benefit Hub Discount Platform

Genuine savings on your everyday living expenses, on everything from your weekly food shop to a fun night out with friends.


An app which allows you to track your shifts and how much you're earning throughout the month and access up to 40% of your pay ahead of payday, giving you flexibility over when you get paid. It also has a whole host of other financial wellbeing features!

Aviva Digicare Workplace+ App

We love this benefit, it gives you and your family access to free digital healthcare services, like Digital GP, nutritional & mental wellbeing consultations and an annual health check.

The Payroll Giving Scheme

Making it super easy to give regular donation to a charity close to your heart, and as it’s a tax-efficient, it costs you less to give more.

Religious Holidays

We’re proud to support all religious festivals, days and events, which is why we allow you to swap some public bank holidays to allow you to celebrate religious holidays that are important to you.

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