Why have you chosen to do an apprenticeship?

Although I was considered an academic person at school I have always learnt better when I actually physically did what was being taught to me. For example; I wouldn’t understand a maths equation or a science experiment until I did it myself. So naturally, it made sense to do an apprenticeship because I could learn as I worked. 


What made you want to join Savers?

The staff at my local savers, where I now work, always seemed so happy to be there and genuinely friendly. That’s the kind of work environment we should all aspire to work in. To make the top 10 for best company’s’ to work for 2018 says it all really. 


What is an average day like as a Retail Apprentice?

There is always something to do or something new to learn. Serving and helping customers, making sure as much stock as possible is out on the shop floor.. 


What's your favourite part of your job?

It’s honestly so hard to choose just one thing! I love my job so much. Meeting new and interesting people on a daily basis, getting to know your regulars, working alongside an amazing team, learning new things and improving my skills every day. 


What's it like to work for Savers?

My colleagues are amazing, the managers, including area managers, are approachable and always willing to help. Savers, as a whole, is a great company to work for, they look after their staff well. 


What sort of qualities do you think you need to work at Savers?

Dedication, patience, hard-working, friendly, problem-solving, time-keeping 


What have you learnt during your apprenticeship?

So much! Before working with Savers I was really shy and lacked confidence. I’m now a completely different person. You do have to be able to interact with people you don’t know confidently, which is something I struggled with at 1st, but now it’s second nature. 


Did the Apprenticeship meet your expectations?

The apprenticeship was more in depth than I thought it would be. The booklets that we have to fill out includes topics I didn’t even think I’d have to learn about. There’s definitely a lot more than goes on behind the scenes in retail than I originally appreciated!


What would you consider to be your biggest achievement during your apprenticeship with Savers?

I won Savers apprentice of the year 2018. I was recognised for the hard work I’d put in during my apprenticeship. I’m now on my way to becoming an assistant manager. 


What are your future career opportunities?

My ultimate goal is to be a store manager. I am considering doing a retail level 3 or a course in management. 


Sum up what Savers means to you in three words!

Best decision ever.